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Welcome to Jordan Acres!
  The history of Jordan Acres begins in the mid 1850's when Andrew Jordan became the first settler to Drummer Township.

He purchased approximately 700 acres from the Illinois Swamplands Commission for less than $10 an acre. This land was tilted, drained and farmed by the Jordan family. Much of the original land has been sold off but 160 acres remains in the family.

Cattle were a mainstay of this operation over the years and were marketed at the Chicago Stockyards. They were driven by horseback from the Gibson City area to Chicago, some 150 miles. Andrew's son Charles was the main cattleman and was in charge of the cattle drives. Charles also raised registered Percheron Draft Horses and owned several that were directly imported from France.

Charles's son Walter moved 1 mile north of Gibson City until the time when Andrew's estate was settled in 1949, when he purchased 240 acres of it and moved back to the homestead. Walter and his son Darrell purchased the first registered Shorthorn in 1942 from Theodore G. Ulfres and this original purchase was the beginning of what is now the Jordan Acres herd. Walter Jordan and Son became members of the American Shorthorn Association in 1943.
  During the period of the 70's to the 90's, Darrell and his son Denny built this herd of registered Shorthorns to be recognized nationwide. They held several production sales and took part in breed functions continually.

Denny and his family have kept the tradition going by holding positions of influence in local, state and national associations. Denny held the position of ASA president for 2 terms and his daughter Tasha held the same position for the AJSA.

The operation continues to grow with family and cattle. Tasha and Jason Bunting have 2 daughters, Isabella (2 1/2) and Samantha (1 week). They live about 30 miles north of Sibley where Jason is active in Farm Bureau and farming and Tasha is Farm Bureau manager of Grundy County. Scott and Amanda Harden and their 3 boys, Layne (9), Ty (5) , and Ely (2)are active in all aspects of the cattle business. Scott is developing a consulting business and operating Circle H Cattle Company while Amanda is working at Agri Genomics, Mansfield, Il. They are close by and help out at Jordan Acres a lot. David and Ashleigh Hall recently moved back to the Sibley area from Oklahoma with their 2 kids, Dakota (3) and Dalton (2). David is employed at Solae in Gibson City and is very active helping out with farming and cattle during his time off. Ashleigh has been employed at Agri Genomics ever since returning to the area.  

With everyone close by and 7 grandkids, there is never a dull moment at Joran Acres. The future of Jordan Acres looks to be on very firm footing. Grandpa is looking forward to th e day when he can sit back and "turn em loose".
Dennis and Terri Jordan
545 E 900 N Rd :: Sibley, IL 61773
Phone: 217-784-4854 :: Cell: 217-202-2865
Email: jordan@prairieinet.net

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