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  jordan acres is proud to offer you some of the best genetics through our Shorthorn sires. Please call us for Semen or herd sire opportunities, and thank you for your interest in Jordan Acres.  
    JA SP Gale Force SM 6J54
Sire: CS Starmarker CS381A
Dam: JA Red Meg 3J13 ET
Owned with: Don Cagwin
Semen available


    CS Starmarker CS381A
Registration Number: x4198908.

Watch for exciting things to come from this young prospect. We are thrilled with the way he is developing and have bred several females to him. Sired by MAV Bellringer, he should continue our mission of improving calving ease. Backed by common sense genetics and dream world looks. 

    Free K-Kim Hot Commodity

Hot Commodity is quickly becoming one of the hottest Shorthorn bulls available today. His calves are small at birth and delivered easily. They have the shape and design to satisfy the most critical. Very fluid in his movement and a tremendous foot and leg. At nearly 5 years of age, he has never had a foot lifted. And to date, I have not trimmed the feet on any of his offspring. His acceptance is growing daily. In 2011, Cates Farm leased Hot Commodity for a 60 day period. In their 2012 calf crop, they sold a $45,000 heifer calf that was a Reserve Division winner at the NAILE Natl. Shorthorn Show. Also in 2011, the first bull calf sold by Jordan Acres, JA Commotion, sold at a record price at the Illinois Beef Expo for $11,000. 
    JA Commotion

The first son of Hot Commodity. He is out of a Sonny daughter that dates back to our reliable Rose Anna family. His stoutness and solid red color comes to you in a neat and attractive package. Like his sire, he will suit the show ring and commercial enthusiasts. His offspring are coming now and are equally as impressive as their sire.
    Tonic's Last Call

Jordan Acres is very excited about this Tonic son that is leading the Two Year Old Division in PACE points.  He brings a lot of functionality to the table.  Moderate in size and frame.  TH and PHA clean.  Extremely sound and mobile.  We knew we wanted to invest in him for his versatility and eye-appeal, two traits that we refuse to lose sight of.  

Semen: $30/Unit - $20/certificate
    Studer’s Prince James

His daughters are some of the most impressive females of the breed, both in their phenotype and their production capability. If ever you have a chance to own offspring of Prince James, or come across semen, don’t pass it up.
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